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Noto (Sicilian: Notu, Latin: Neetum and Netum) is a city and comune in the Province of Syracuse, Sicily, Italy.

It is the first and the fourth Italian Sicilian town for territorial extension (550 km).

In 2002 Noto and its church were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Noto occupies more than a quarter of the Province of Syracuse with an area of 550.86 km, and it is the largest municipality of Sicily and the fourth of Italy.
Two rivers flow on its territory: the Tellaro, near which was found a Roman villa, called The Tellaro’s Villa , and The Asinaro, at its outfall, in the district Calabernardo, took place the famous battle between the Athenians and the Syracusans, which ended with the defeat of the Athenians and signed the ending of Athens, which a little later, as a result of this defeat, it have lost the Peloponnesian War.


Saint Corrado Confalonieri: saint protector of Noto
St. Conrad hermit, died in 1351, in the cave where he had lived as a hermit for many years, in the Valley of Pizzoni at Noto, there is today the "Church of the Hermitage outside the walls", which incorporates the cave.

The day of his death ,the 19th of February, is the patron day . There is a procession, with the "vara" silver urn containing the saint's body, which is carried through the streets of the town.

Every ten years, the procession reaches the cave, during the night ,a distance about 10 km that separate the city from the original hermitage . The bearers of artistic candles are characteristic , painted with symbols related to the figure of the patron.

Beaches of Noto
Cala Mosche of Noto, called by local people “ Funni Musca”, is located between Noto and Vendicari and you can reached it only by land, because all the access by sea are forbidden. It is a beautiful beach of soft golden sand, very wide and about 200 meters long, bathed by a beautiful blue sea, crystal clear and transparent.

The bay is between two rocky headlands, with many caves and picturesque ravines and behind him, over the small dunes, there is a quagmire often frequented by migratory birds. To reach “Cala Mosca” you can run the SP-Pachino Noto, km.6 about, turn onto a road that passes over an old railway, arriving in front of a gate . From here for about 1 km on a track path you can reach the bay.


Administrative data
Country: Italia
Region: Sicilia
Province: Siracusa
Mayor: Corrado Bonfanti dal 13/06/2011

Altitudine: 152 m s.l.m.
Area: 551,12 km²
Population : 24 062[1] (30-04-2012)
Density: 43,66 ab./km²

Other Information
Nome abitanti: netini
Patron saint: san Corrado Confalonieri
Saint day: 19 febbraio

Archaeological finds
Noto Antica
Castelluccio di Noto
Villa del Tellaro
Monte Finocchito